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Non-Discrimination & Accessibility

Non-Discrimination & Accessibility

HBA Architecture & Interior Design, Inc. does not discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, or disability Our facilities and meeting areas are fully accessible to persons with disabilities.

If you need more information or special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency, contact Judy Bennie, Director of Human Resources, at 757-490-9048 or by e-mail at JudyB@hbaonline.com.

Persons with hearing and speech impairments can also contact HBA by using the Virginia Relay Service, a toll-free telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD). Call 711 for TTY/TDD.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement


As a firm we promote a collaborative design approach, both within our studio & with our client. We’ve learned that listening.. really listening, leads to success. We listen not only to our clients, but to the full spectrum of individuals that will be impacted by our projects. It is a simple strategy that works.


Your client is our client. As project type experts, we have extensive experience designing spaces similar to yours. But, every project is different. At HBA we listen to your goals, rather than tell you what everyone else is doing. We immerse ourselves in your culture, brand and mission to ensure that we are designing with your passion in mind. Likewise, we recognize that the only constant is change.. missions change, technology evolves, and staff transition. While we can’t forecast the future, we build flexibility into our design and accommodate for change, so that your facilities can grow with you.

Our Community

We recognize that construction of a new building impacts the whole community. We’re well known for our experience with facilitating community meetings to ensure that you are a good neighbor. How does this space improve the built environment and the human condition? What design changes can be made to ensure that this space is beneficial for all? How does this project elevate the neighborhood?


With 41% of U.S. energy consumption attributed to buildings, we recognize our responsibility to be good stewards of our environment. Regardless of if you are pursuing LEED certification, we approach every project with sustainability in mind. The outcome? Efficiencies that you can be proud of, and that financially benefit your bottom line.


We are People Focused.

We Have Integrity.

We Deliver.

We Design Better Together.

We are Inspired to Create.

We are Dedicated to Achieve and Deliver.

We are Stewards of our Environment.

Company History Timeline

Founded on the principles of integrity and excellence, HBA remains committed to providing solutions that enhance our clients’ lives and businesses, our community, and the environment. Since 1974, HBA has pursued these goals, and takes pride in the successes that have earned us a well-respected name throughout the regio

February 1, 1974 Hargrove, Brockwell and Associates Inc. began with two founding principals – William H. Hargrove and Dan H. Brockwell, along with four employees in an old two-story house on Village Street in Portsmouth.

Company History Timeline

The diversity of our project types allowed the firm to grow considerably, as well as expand our office facilities - four times!

Company History Timeline

After our work had grown to cover the entire Hampton Roads area, including northeast North Carolina, the firm set off to find a more central location. In 1982, we moved to Virginia Beach at 207 Business Park Drive.

Company History Timeline

As our firm continued to grow, we moved to Town Center Virginia Beach and became one of the first companies to call it home. From working on Town Center tenant upfits in our Commercial Studio, to frequenting local businesses for lunch and coffee – we’re proud of the hand we’ve had in helping Town Center grow to what it is today.

Company History Timeline

Through the years, we expanded our client base further west in the state. We pride ourselves on being a true local architect to our clients, and endeavor offer quick on-site response times for our projects. So, in 2017 we opened our Richmond office to position ourselves more conveniently to our new clients.

Company History Timeline

As our Richmond work continued to grow and the office expanded, we saw the need for additional office space. In 2020, our Richmond office moved into its new home in Libbie Mill.

Company History Timeline

Today, HBA Architecture & Interior Design, Inc. is proud to be a young, vibrant, and ever growing company. With a staff of 50 employees across two offices, we bring our wealth of portfolio experience without losing the personal, individualized approach with each client and each project that has driven our success.

Company History Timeline