We’ve learned that listening…really listening, leads to success. We listen to not only to our clients, but to the full spectrum of individuals that will be impacted by our projects. It is a simple strategy that works.


We share this planet. HBA understands and embraces our responsibility to protect and nurture our vital natural resources. We make design choices for the environment and economic benefits of conservation.


The only constant is change…missions change, technology evolves, staff transition. While we cannot forecast the future, we do build flexibility into our design and accommodate for change, so that your facilities can grow with you. In addition, the materials we select to build your project will be both durable and easily maintained. We monitor our designs to ensure quality construction, and finally, we evaluate your facility and our performance a year after occupancy to measure your satisfaction.

sustainable DESIGN
At HBA, we believe sustainable design practices are not just a goal or hope for the far-off future, they’re a necessity of today. Regardless of if you choose to pursue LEED certification, we approach every project with sustainability in mind. The result? Efficiencies that we can proudly say benefit the planet, keep your users healthy and financially benefit your bottom line.

HBA realizes that while the heart of any green building project is minimizing the impact that the built environment has on the natural environment, green buildings also offer our clients healthy, productive workspaces that cost less to operate and maintain than conventional buildings.

All of HBA’s projects incorporate “green building” strategies. We have projects, in all phases, that have been certified or are eligible for USGBC LEED Certification.

Spaces that..

improve the performance, productivity and enjoyment of its users

Building with efficient use of resources..

money, time, energy, materials & environment

Designs + Solutions that..

enhance the brand and image of our client’s organization

A project that makes our client look good

aligned with their objectives and managed to optimize success

Building with respect for the..

goals for the community’s future development, desires of local residents, and the context of the existing built environment