TowneBank Iron Bridge

HBA has a long-standing relationship with Towne Bank that involves Towne Bank’s many locations. Each Towne Bank has a specific language that makes it easily recognizable as ‘Towne Bank’ but pays close attention to its surroundings. This holds true in the Towne Bank Ironbridge location in Chesterfield as the 6500 square foot building draws inspiration for some of its details from historic buildings close by.

The building has an axial plan that helps put the conference room on display for all occupants upon entry. Once inside, occupants may notice historic connections in the main entry and vault surroundings. Both draw their forms from doors in the historic Magnolia Grange house down the road. The skylights that mark the center of the axial building and the railing on the iron bridge follow the pattern in the historic Chesterfield County courthouse windows. The materiality of the iron bridge also helps tie into the history of coal and iron works in the area.

As a third layer of connectivity between the building and its context, landscape elements form a buffer for both the building and site occupants. The building is sited on a busy street corner which provided a fun design challenge for the team. The team made use of the bridge and accompanying pond as a way to give the featured conference room nice views and a setback from the busy street. The landscaping accomplishes a secondary goal of providing space for the community to exist. The project ties historic elements, landscaping, and carefully selected material together to create an environment that gives back to its community and beautiful spaces for its patrons.

Client: TowneBank

Location: Chesterfield, Virginia

New Construction : 6,455 SF


Civil Engineer: KBJW Group

Structural Engineer: Speight, Marshall & Francis, P.C.

PME Engineer: Pace Collaborative

Contractor: Sussex Development Corporation