Stihl USA Headquarters

Stihl USA is a leading German manufacturing company with US headquarters in Virginia Beach. The new headquarters building features the Stihl museum combined with the two story lobby, concept store, and 300 seat auditorium dividable into three separate conference spaces. The headquarters building also includes a technical training center and the two upper floors include all Stihl office functions with exception to IT, plus flexible shared conference rooms and smaller collaboration areas. Perimeter offices are designed with all glass partitions so that day lighting is provided for interior spaces.

Some of the project’s design challenges include noise management for exterior and interior noise sources. Exterior sources include jet noise since the site is close to the Oceana Naval Air Station, as well as small engine noise generated by Technical Demonstration Area. Interior high noise levels are generated as the training lab and repair shop areas which will be acoustically isolated but with visual connection to the main building lobby. We are collaborating on the best solutions with acoustic design experts to provide successful end result and meet Client’s expectations.

In addition to the headquarters building, HBA is redesigning Stihl’s main entry access and guardhouse as well as designing temporary office space to facilitate construction of the new headquarters on the same site as the existing building.

Best Commercial / Office / Retail Building

HRACRE Excellence in Development Design Award
Award of Excellence

Design Honor Award

Virginia Beach Planning Commission
Commercial Development

Honorable Mention

ASID/IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award
Corporate, Over 35,000 SF

Client: Stihl

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

New Construction : 79,491 SF


Civil Engineer: Hoggard-Eure Associates, P.C.

Structural Engineer: Speight, Marshall & Francis, P.C.

PME Engineer: PACE Collaborative, P.C.

Contractor: Hourigan Construction