Towne Bank – Southern Shores

TowneBank recently opened its first new branch bank in the Southern Shores area of the North Carolina Outer Banks. The building is reminiscent of the Outer Banks style and contains Coastal architectural features expressed in a present-day fashion.

High pitched roofs are articulated with traditional “Nags Head/ Coastal” full-width shed, and smaller hipped dormers. All roof surfaces (except the towers) are covered with traditional cedar shakes, which have been left to weather naturally. The three towers are reminiscent of the coastal watch towers, Life, and Coast Guard Stations that are prevalent up and down the East Coast. They all are a reminder of the rich history of the Coastal Maritime Heritage. The front façade features a wraparound porch, which is also prevalent in the classic Outer Banks character.

Attention to detail is reflected in the treatment of the double-hung window trim and casings that are set into the wood chipboard siding. Accent “fish scale” shingle siding is featured in the corbels and vertical tower walls between the upper and lower “beauty bands.” The ornate cornice brackets, porch column trim, and “beauty bands” continue the character of the historical coastal architectural style. Traditional lattice panels appear around the major portions of the crawl space.

Traditional gas lanterns flank the road entry to the site, as well as the front main entry. Copper rain chain downspouts add an interesting (and sustainable) feature to the overall character of the building.

The interior architectural décor is highlighted with vintage coastal style bamboo faced cabinets and clapboard wainscoting. Nautical features include ash and teak flooring, ships cabin ceilings, and Caribbean style stair railings. Upon entrance into the lobby, customers are greeted by two large dual-recessed saltwater aquariums. Other features include a 72’ TV monitor directly behind the teller line that broadcasts live multiple images along the branch, marinas, and other areas in and around the Outer Banks.

Sustainable features of the building and site include: permeable concrete paving and constructed wetlands for stormwater management; interior finish mats are recyclable; toilets meet strict flushing performance guidelines established by the EPA WaterSense program and use at least 20% less water than standard 1.6-gallon per flush toilets; the VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system’s inherent energy efficiency provides the ability to achieve high levels of energy savings; and high efficiency LED lighting used throughout the interior and exterior fixtures.

Client: TowneBank

Location: Southern Shores, North Carolina

New Construction & Renovation : 5,582 SF


Contractor: Sussex Development Corporation