Portsmouth Public Library – Churchland Branch

Coleman’s Nursery, a city landmark renowned for its Yuletide displays for over 60 years will serve as a new “Hub” for Portsmouth – Churchland Library. An HBA community project in its truest form, this 20,564 square foot state-of-the-art library is designed around the collective needs of civic groups, neighborhoods, associations, and city-wide agencies.

Churchland Library is a remarkable structure adding greater function and even more recreational/educational opportunities. The exterior white ground face CMU veneer and aluminum window system is sleek and contemporary, yet remains in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Long, blue reflective glass adds depth and character to the overall dimension of the building, while reflecting the natural beauty of the new landscape and incorporating organic themes with an explosion of natural light.

In keeping with the “hub” concept, the unique semi-circular design houses over 7700 square feet of lobby and adult library space, child-focused library and meeting rooms, and over 6500 square feet for young adults, library staff, and support services, as well as offices for the City Treasurer. This HBA community-wide project accomplished what few can. Strong partnerships with the city and neighboring communities helped create an exciting new place to gather while honoring a beloved landmark. “Bloom where you are planted,” would be an appropriate mantra for this new landmark.