Midlothian Library

The Midlothian Library is a sustainable community hub that connects visitors to nature and celebrates local history. The building uses the architectural language of coal mining to house sustainable features such as native plantings, renewable but durable materials, and a rooftop solar panel array that is projected to provide nearly 100% of the building’s yearly energy consumption. Strategic massing and shading elements will also help keep the interiors warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and brightly lit with natural daylight all year long.


Whether it’s an outdoor classroom for kids, fun gathering spaces for teens, or cozy reading gardens and nooks for adults, the new Library has something for all ages. Carefully placed windows frame views of surrounding community focal points, like the public square at Millworks to the south or Watkins Elementary to the north.


At 28,000 SF, the new Library is almost double the size of the old one. It’s clad in site-specific materials like wood, variegated stone, and sustainable panels. Bright, airy interior spaces house a multitude of community resources, providing endless opportunities for exploration, discovery, and sustainable growth.