Goldkey PHR


Gold Key|PHR is a developer and operator of premium hospitality facilities, serving both the hotel and timeshare markets.  They had grown organically, and their many functional departments were spread out in a number of facilities throughout the city.  The purpose of this project was to bring the groups together to benefit from the synergy of ideas and economy of scale, yet to continue to meet their diverse functional requirements.  The opportunity for this project came as the result of a new mixed use development project where GK|PHR decided to retain one and one-half floors for their use.

 The top floor of this project, which Gold Key|PHR shares with a wealth management firm, was used to bring together the entire executive team around a core of support and conference spaces.  It presents the corporate image of the company as an operator of luxury facilities.  The full floor immediately below organizes all of the functional departments around a space that welcomes and celebrates the employees of the entire organization, including those who work at the many hotel and timeshare facilities.

 Although the floors use a differentiated palette of materials, both are designed to create a unity and flow from the building core areas into the functional areas and to expand the sense of place beyond the bounds of the individual suites occupied by the groups.

Award of Merit for Best Interior

HRACRE Excellence in Development Design Award

Honorable Mention

ASID/IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award
Corporate, Under 35,000 SF

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia