Framing Success

Framing Success manufactures specialty diploma and certificate frames for distribution throughout the United States. Richard Lansdowne, its President, had a vision to create an efficient manufacturing and administrative facility that provided a pleasant working environment and an image that reflected their quality product. Energy efficiency was also a very important factor in the design of the building.

7000 SF of office and manufacturing support fronts the building which is contemporary in design. Enclosed primarily by a glass curtain wall and metal panels, the facade gives the first impression of the clean efficient manufacturing processes that occur inside the building. Open work areas are located along exterior walls surrounded by the interior offices.

In order to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling the 32,000 SF high bay production area, the building incorporates a geothermal, closed loop heat exchange system. This, combined with special energy efficient lighting and solar light tubes, reduces the building’s energy consumption by more than 50% when compared to a building of the same size using more conventional systems.

A well-designed, pleasant working environment not only enhances employee morale, but also adds to the bottom line. Mr. Lansdowne notes that production is up 20% with the same number of employees.