Dollar Bank – Town Center

Dollar Bank is an independent community bank with branches spanning Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Each branch has features that help patrons easily identify it as ‘Dollar Bank’ while also paying attention to the surrounding context. Dollar Bank Town Center uses a captivating blend of modern architecture and simple landscaping to achieve this balance.

The 1,800-square-foot building uses sleek metal and red brick to achieve a welcoming and professional appearance. The metal panels, brick, and large windows create a modern atmosphere that allows the bank to stand out among others of its kind. A beautiful brick and concrete path with plant beds leads patrons to the front door. On the inside, patrons are greeted by Dollar Bank’s signature colors, natural daylight, and reception. Offices and conference rooms are located across from one another, creating a symmetrical plan. The glass walls of the offices help achieve a connected and open atmosphere as patrons and workers alike have the same views out into Town Center, Virginia Beach.

Client: DollarBank

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

New Construction : 2,200 SF


Civil Engineer: Kimley-Horn and Associates

Structural Engineer: Speight, Marshall & Francis, P.C.

PME Engineer: PACE Collaborative

Contractor: P.G. Harris Construction Company