When a popcorn machine isn’t just a popcorn machine…

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As the Marketing Coordinator here at HBA, I am occasionally tasked with some very interesting projects. And by “very interesting”, I mean “seemingly random”. Exhibit “A”: Tricking out the Popcorn Machine that comes with us to most trade shows. (Hint to exhibitors-- Popcorn machines draw bigger crowds than recycled pencils. Although we have those, too.) Forgive my haste in tricking out the popcorn machine and failing to get an accurate “before” picture. The first and third pictures were swiped from the internet, and the second was taken moments after the machine was completely disassembled. The top had to be de-wired, and the glass side panels also had to come out. (Fairly simple process, but probably would have been best to label each wire as to where they would return after re-assembly.) My idea was to bring in some of the HBA red, and add a couple of logos and our tag line. I was unabashedly excited to finally have a project to use the Martha Stewart etching paint that recently came to stores, and decided this was the perfect time to give it a “go”. Based on a project in my college Sculpture design class (All those art classes finally paid off- thanks, Dad!),
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