John B. Dey Elementary School Modernization AIA Hard Hat tour

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As the project progresses, HBA's Lauren Perry led a tour for local architects and engineers. HBA teamed with AIA Hampton Roads as part of their "Hard Hat Tours" which allows licensed architects to continue their education by observing unique construction challenges faced by other local architects, and young aspiring architects to gain valuable first hand experience on a construction site.     Learning objectives for the tour included: Discussing the process of phased construction with regards to site and infrastructure planning. Evaluating site design strategies with regards to reconciling limitations set by existing conditions through recognizing the opportunities for design enhancement. Discussing limitations and process of phased school construction during student/staff occupancy. Discussing specifics and challenges of renovating a school built in the 1950’s, with regards to the importance of good field work and navigating unforeseen conditions. Exciting to see how construction has progressed and we can't wait for it the project to be completed in 2020!
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John B. Dey Elementary School Design – Construction Progress Phase A

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The Modernization of John B. Dey Elementary School is coming along nicely, and we are thrilled to see the building taking shape! In this first phase of construction, John B. Dey is getting a new Gymnasium and a new Cafeteria. These spaces are both much larger than their current space, which will allow for more space for the students to run, jump and play during physical education and space big enough to house all of the parents, grandparents, friends and family members eager to watch the students' productions and achievements in the Cafeteria!   The new Cafeteria and Gymnasium are located in the back of the site (furthest from Great Neck Road) because after construction is completed, the front door will move from its current location to the side of the school, facing Great Neck Middle School. When meeting with the students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders during the design phase, the biggest concern that we heard was the site circulation. In the mornings when parents at John B. Dey Elementary School and Great Neck Middle School are trying to drop off their children, the buses are trying to pull in, and hundreds of commuters are traveling down Grea
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Kellam High School highlighted during a EduTechGuys podcast

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This is Chris Freeman, Kellam High School AP Environmental Science Teacher, talking about the Kellam HS design process and the role of his students and co-teachers in shaping the vision for the design of the school and the educational courtyards. He also talks about how the Kellam HS building design supports flexible learning environments, student choice, and the learning of 21st century skills such as collaboration, teamwork, communication, and interdisciplinary problem solving. EduTechGuys is a group of individuals passionate about technology, in all of its intricate facets, and how it can be better applied in education. Current focus areas include leveraging the potential of Microsoft’s numerous server products, Apple’s assorted shiny gizmos, the potential of cloud services, and all those little tips that make life as a Tech bearable.
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Virginia Beach Education Foundation celebrates 25 years

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On November 2nd the Virginia Beach Education Foundation celebrated TGIF (Teacher Grants Improving Futures) as well as their 25th Anniversary at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts in Virginia Beach.  This year the VBEF awarded a record $125,000 to 59 grant recipients. In their 25 years the VBEF has awarded more than $1.43 million in grants to schools, through its Adopt A+ Grants program. HBA has been an active supporter of VBEF for over 20 years, and we are proud to underwrite 3 grants this year: A Schoolwide grant for DEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -- Mobile Makerspace: A mobile Makerspace will bring innovative, creative and self-directed learning to each and every classroom at least once per month to assist students to experience all the different STEAM options available for the creation of solutions to curriculum- embedded design challenges. Fifth-grade students will use the Makerspace to become STEAM mentors to their younger peers throughout the school. An Innovative Learning Grant for DEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -- Lego Learners: Lego Learners is a hands-on science experience, providing students the opportunity to expand their creativity through robot-based learning systems.
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Thank You Teachers!

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It's Teacher Appreciation Week! As a thank you to some of the wonderful teachers that HBA employees have had, we're sharing testimonials of our favorite memories with teachers to "Thank a Teacher". "My high school French teacher, Larissa Arist at North Harford High School, encouraged me and my friends to explore French beyond just learning the language. We held events for French holidays and learned about their culture. She took us to events like the French Film Festival in Richmond every year. Learning a subject outside of the classroom made it exciting and kept me interested in the language and the country long after graduation." - Mandy LeBeau "Calculus has always been described as one of those “scary” subjects. But my high school Calculus teacher at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, Brenda Kincaid, made it fun and anything but scary. She helped us visualize differential equations using physical models and explained the “why” behind each section. Mrs. Kincaid helped us find an exciting way to visualize and solve a difficult problem, rather than making it a foreign language." - Lauren Perry "My most influential teacher growing up was Mrs. Monks. She was my second grade
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VBCPS wins VSBA Green Schools Challenge

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**This text is taken verbatim from a VBCPS News Release (No. 030), originally published 12/03/14** Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) took home first place from the Virginia School Board Association's (VSBA) Green Public Schools Challenge. VBCPS won in the category of school divisions with student populations of more than 10,000. In addition, VBCPS once again earned a platinum certification from the VSBA. This is the fourth consecutive year VBCPS has earned this honor. "This achievement is due entirely to the hard work of our staff from all departments across the division," said Dr. Aaron Spence, superintendent of VBCPS. "They lead the way in finding resources and practices to run our schools as efficiently as possible. Their tireless efforts not only reap energy and financial rewards, they teach our students the importance of responsible environmental stewardship." According to the VSBA, the Green Public Schools Challenge was designed as a friendly competition to encourage school systems to implement policies and practices that will reduce carbon emissions generated by both the division and the community. Specifically, VBCPS performed well in the challenges du
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