January 04, 2018 Lauren Perry Design, Education, General News

John B. Dey Elementary School Design – Construction Progress Phase A

The Modernization of John B. Dey Elementary School is coming along nicely, and we are thrilled to see the building taking shape!

In this first phase of construction, John B. Dey is getting a new Gymnasium and a new Cafeteria. These spaces are both much larger than their current space, which will allow for more space for the students to run, jump and play during physical education and space big enough to house all of the parents, grandparents, friends and family members eager to watch the students’ productions and achievements in the Cafeteria!


The new Cafeteria and Gymnasium are located in the back of the site (furthest from Great Neck Road) because after construction is completed, the front door will move from its current location to the side of the school, facing Great Neck Middle School. When meeting with the students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders during the design phase, the biggest concern that we heard was the site circulation.

In the mornings when parents at John B. Dey Elementary School and Great Neck Middle School are trying to drop off their children, the buses are trying to pull in, and hundreds of commuters are traveling down Great Neck Road to work, things get a little hectic and very crowded. Because of the back up on the site, cars back up onto Great Neck Road, causing traffic headaches for other commuters.

As part of the renovation, the site circulation for John B. Dey Elementary School will be redone. A new, longer entryway will allow more cars to stack on site, keeping them off of Great Neck Road and permitting more students to be dropped off safely.

We’re excited to see how the first phase of construction at John B. Dey comes together, and looking forward to the future phases!