January 31, 2017 Janices Design, Education, General News, Technology

Kellam High School highlighted during a EduTechGuys podcast

This is Chris Freeman, Kellam High School AP Environmental Science Teacher, talking about the Kellam HS design process and the role of his students and co-teachers in shaping the vision for the design of the school and the educational courtyards. He also talks about how the Kellam HS building design supports flexible learning environments, student choice, and the learning of 21st century skills such as collaboration, teamwork, communication, and interdisciplinary problem solving.

EduTechGuys is a group of individuals passionate about technology, in all of its intricate facets, and how it can be better applied in education. Current focus areas include leveraging the potential of Microsoft’s numerous server products, Apple’s assorted shiny gizmos, the potential of cloud services, and all those little tips that make life as a Tech bearable.