November 13, 2016 Janices Education, Events, General News

Virginia Beach Education Foundation celebrates 25 years

On November 2nd the Virginia Beach Education Foundation celebrated TGIF (Teacher Grants Improving Futures) as well as their 25th Anniversary at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts in Virginia Beach.  This year the VBEF awarded a record $125,000 to 59 grant recipients. In their 25 years the VBEF has awarded more than $1.43 million in grants to schools, through its Adopt A+ Grants program.

HBA has been an active supporter of VBEF for over 20 years, and we are proud to underwrite 3 grants this year:

  • A Schoolwide grant for DEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL — Mobile Makerspace: A mobile Makerspace will bring innovative, creative and self-directed learning to each and every classroom at least once per month to assist students to experience all the different STEAM options available for the creation of solutions to curriculum- embedded design challenges. Fifth-grade students will use the Makerspace to become STEAM mentors to their younger peers throughout the school.
  • An Innovative Learning Grant for DEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL — Lego Learners: Lego Learners is a hands-on science experience, providing students the opportunity to expand their creativity through robot-based learning systems. Enhancing students’ understanding of math and science learning objectives in addition to developing their critical- and creative-thinking skills, Lego Learners will allow students to explore, create, communicate and collaborate while they build and program Lego WeDo robots.
  • An Innovative Learning Grant for SHELTON PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL — Transforming an Elementary Library into a Learning Commons: More and more students are using the school’s Makerspace, and the next step to transform the space into an innovative Learning Commons is the incorporation of a vertical LEGO board. This five-foot square LEGO wall will present many opportunities for communication and collaboration as students are tasked with problem scenarios that they must solve. With a different theme each week, students will use troubleshooting and communication to strengthen their critical-thinking skills, increase their confidence and independence and connect their learning to the real world.

HBA congratulates VBEF on 25 years of supporting students and teachers of Virginia Beach.

For more information about Virginia Beach Education Foundation (VBEF) follow this link —