April 19, 2016 Lauren Perry Events, People, Photos

HBA Goes Rad


On Sunday, April 17th HBA participated in the annual Color Me Rad 5K run benefitting the local YMCA. It is a 5K run/walk around the various fields of the Virginia Beach Sports Plex. This year there was an estimated 15,000 participants traversing the paths, while being engulfed in the brightly colored dust clouds at various check points.

The race was more than just running, there were sections where you were to skip to the next color station and even give someone a piggy back ride. There were also slime stations, scattered throughout the course, where one could be oozed by the icy vibrant colored slim. In the end everyone ended with a brightly colored smile and the once white shirts were forever marked with the vivid brand of Color Me RAD.

Team HBA