January 29, 2016 Lauren Perry Design, General News, People

Architect’s Modernist Legacy Crosses the Hudson

The New York Times recently published the article below about the late architect Charles Gwathmey, and how his business partner, Robert Siegel, carried on his legacy in the firm’s new 50 story apartment tower at 70 Columbus in New York City. We thought it was a wonderful account of how designer’s styles can rub off on one another, and how a one’s legacy can continue on posthumously.

For the full article by the New York Times, please go here: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/01/05/nyregion/architects-modernist-legacy-crosses-the-hudson.html?em_pos=small&emc=edit_ur_20160105&nl=nytoday&nlid=1597500&ref=img&_r=1&referer