November 24, 2015 AdminHBA General News, People

Mayflower Marathon 2015

picture1Most of our clients and regular visitors know that Fridays are “Jeans Day” at HBA – but it’s all for a good cause!  For a small donation each week, employees are allowed to wear jeans and sneakers on Fridays.  In the seven years we’ve been doing it, we’ve collected over $14,500!  Each year, the cash collected is distributed to several adopted local charities, one of which is the Southeastern Virginia Food Bank.






picture2Normally, HBA’s “Jeans for Means” campaign supports the Food Bank through the AIA’s CANstruction event each year, but this year, the event did not take place.  So instead of using our collected funds to buy cans for the event, we took a different approach.  We collected additional funds specifically for the Marathon, watched for super great deals at each of the local grocery stores and bought what we could with the additional money collected.  Then we bundled up the big fat wad of cash from our Jeans fund and took it across the street to the Mayflower Marathon at Pembroke Mall, where volunteers and representatives of the Food Bank happily accepted our donations and gave us totally cool t-shirts as a token of their thanks.