August 03, 2015 AdminHBA Events, General News, People

The Surprise in Suffolk

As part of the 2015 AIA Architecture Week nine cars full of intrepid explorers tackled the back roads of Suffolk and its surrounding area in a road rally event to visit the various points of interest and learn a bit about the city.  The rally featured five stages, each timed against a standard set by the event organizers and the team that got closest to the standard time on all five stages would be the winner.  Each team was handed a packet of information that included the route guide, a map, a compass, pencils and the obligatory Suffolk snack: Circus Peanuts!


The first stage was a simple road sign course to get the feel for the event and the instructions for each stage after became increasingly more obscure and challenging.  The fourth used the map and string to lay out a course to follow as closely to the string as possible, called an “On the Cotton” challenge.

IMG_5005The event wrapped up at a local pub and it appeared that a good time was had by all.  Thanks again to Greg Rutledge for once again putting on a fantastic event.  Despite not placing well in the standings I’m already looking forward to next year’s challenge!IMG_5004