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Children’s Museum of Virginia – Young Architects Exhibit

One of our favorite opportunities as architects is the chance to go back and enjoy the spaces that we have designed. It only gets more fulfilling when we are able to share our love of our profession with our future leaders at the same time!IMG_2988cropped

On June 13th, several architects and interior designers from HBA were given the opportunity to attend the “Young Architects: Designing the Future” event at the Children’s Museum of Virginia. This event is encourages children to learn hands-on with various block building media. The children learn about building uses and shapes, as well as think about sizes, colors and styles of buildings.

The children are inspired by media and hands-on experiences about architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, I.M. Pei and Zaha Hadid.

IMG_2993The Children’s Museum provides the inspiration and materials necessary for children to exercise their creative muscles with legos, jumbo waffle blocks, wooden blocks, and foam blocks. There are even baby-friendly blocks available for infants and toddlers to use. Throughout the exhibit, children are given prompts such as “Discover the different architectural designs of Japan, Russia, the Middle East, Greece and Rome with multi-cultural wooden blocks” or “Use geometric foam blocks to construct a stadium for your favorite sports team, and then set up the plays with athlete figurines”.


We had a wonderful time spending the day with all of the kids over at the Children’s Museum of Virginia, and it harkened us back to our time as kids eager to explore all that the world has to offer! We encourage you to take a trip over to the Children’s Museum for a day full of fun for the whole family, and we can’t wait to see all of the designs that your future architects come up with!



The exhibit opened June 13th and will be around until September 1st.

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