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Union Mission Ministries

In lieu of Holiday Gifts, HBA was fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity to donate to the FoodBank of Southeastern Virginia and Union Mission Ministries.

Union Mission Donation

Since 1892, Union Mission Ministries has provided assistance to those in need. Whether a roof over their head, a warm meal in their stomach, medical services, or helping that person get back on their feet through job development services, Union Mission has sought “To aid the poor and needy; to reform the erring; to help those that are out of the way; to feed the hungry; to shelter the homeless; to preach the gospel; and to rescue the perishing.”

Union Mission Ministries is currently able to shelter 295 people, with 100-120 men sleeping on the floor every night. There are 26 beds for women, and 4 rooms set aside for families to stay in. Presently, Union Mission is undergoing a large-scale construction project, a New Men’s Shelter, which will be able to accommodate about 300 men every night, in addition to creating spaces for additional programs for the residents to participate in. Additionally, the current Men’s shelter will be transformed into the new Women’s shelter, allowing for even more women and children to receive care.New-Shelter-for-web-72 (Rendering courtesy of Union Mission Ministries)

When a new resident arrives on campus, they are required to meet with a Case Manager, who helps to establish a “recovery program” for that individual. Tasks in that program may include: job training/ resume writing, health screening, seeking employment, discipleship training, etc. The goal for residents who arrive on campus is to train them and help them get back on their feet- so that they may never enter into homelessness again. Typically, men stay for around 90 days, while women and families may end up staying longer, depending on their needs.

The Union Mission Ministries does not receive any state or federal funding, but relies on individual and corporate donations. Here’s how you can help:

  • Financial contributions: Union Mission Ministries utilizes funds for feeding residents, operating costs, general maintenance, and additional expenses.
  • Volunteering: On-Site volunteers can be used for groundskeeping, maintenance, sorting, serving meals, and so much more. To contact the Volunteer Coordinator,  email City Smith at
  • Clothing/ Housewares: Housewares for daily living in the facility are needed, including: toiletries, pillows & blankets, For an updated listing of items, please check out: Additionally, clothing, household goods, and furniture items are accepted at the on-site thrift store, which is owned and operated by Union Mission Ministries, allowing 100% of the profits to return directly back into the Ministry.

For more information on the Union Mission Ministries and how you can help, follow this link: