February 12, 2014 AdminHBA Design, Technology


Recently, @ArchDaily questioned it’s twitter followers to share their thoughts on being an architect, using the Hashtag #WhenYouAreAnArchitect.


Here are some of our favorites:

@PalqeesWM: ” #WhenYouAreAnArchitect you press this more than your heartbeats (ctrl+s) #Cad

@archi_live: “#Whenyouareanarchitect you have more ‘unbuilt projects’ than built ones..”

@corey_clevenger: “#whenyouareanarchitect everyone thinks you are in some kind of cult called “studio”

@Callingcollin There are right and wrong pencils #whenyouareanarchitect

@janousek_meghan: #WhenYouAreAnArchitect everything you buy is a design decision, as such, replacing that light in your kitchen will take upwards of 4 years.

@DevonArchitect: #whenyouareanarchitect you drag your family on boring holidays looking at buildings» #TrueStory

@DeboraStrenge: #Whenyouareanarchitect you feel the need to look, listen, touch and feel every material.

@TheAverageArchi: #WhenYouAreAnArchitect investments usually mean buying a Corbusier chaise or Eames Lounger. This also counts as your retirement plan.

@maggie__mac: #whenyouareanarchitect you have extreme feelings about pens

@mittaltushar: #whenyouareanarchitect folks want free design advice during parties. #Architects #architecture

@drawingpod: #whenyouareanarchitect you’ve sharpened a pencil with an exacto blade.

@KahilaHogarth: #whenyouareanarchitect friends are afraid to invite you over for fear of being judged silently of all the things that need improvement

@JWess11: #whenyouareanarchitect There is the good, better, and best solution to your design. Then there is the solution that fits your budget.


What about you? Can you relate to any of these? We sure can…

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