January 27, 2014 AdminHBA Design

Kellam High School – Now Open!

In 2008, HBA was contracted to plan and design a replacement high school facility for one of the oldest high schools in Virginia Beach, Kellam High School. From the beginning, the new 2,000- student school was envisioned as a prototype for 21st century learning.

The entire school is designed for flexibility. All interior-room partitions are nonstructural; reconfiguration of the school’s interiors can be achieved with minimal cost. Redesigned desks, partitions, presentation boards, and tables provide workspace and storage that can be readily rearranged to form small-, midsize-, and large-group interactive seating. All areas have wireless Internet access. Areas for creative, production, presentation, and evaluation tasks are designed specific to those tasks, yet grouped by learning communities.

Every area within the new Kellam High School is designed to be utilized as a potential teaching space- Arts, Science, Mathematics, History, Athletics- all subject areas are integrated and presented in such a way as to produce students that are well-rounded and capable.

Performing Arts spaces were designed to be state-of-the-Art, and of the highest quality. Each space within the Performing Arts Community is designed for maximum flexibility and teaching, with special attention paid to areas for student access. The Multi-Use Teaching theater, an 800-seat, full-fly space with counter-weight rigging system, contains an orchestra pit, catwalk access, and support spaces: storage areas for scenery, costumes, and props; a make-up room; dressing areas; green room; instrumental space; choral space; offices; small-group practice rooms; and keyboarding labs.

These performance and teaching spaces, in particular, were thoughtfully designed and planned in such a way as to rival those of the major performance venues in the Hampton Roads area.

The High School opened today, January 27th, 2014.Kellam High School