November 26, 2013 AdminHBA Design, Events

DOHn’t PLAY with your food!

HBA is proud to support the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia by participating in CANstruction® 2013.

CANstruction® is a national community service project of the design and construction industry that collects food to be distributed to local soup kitchens, shelters, pantries, and elderly/day-care centers. The event provides a creative and artistic means of educating our community and also contributes millions of pounds of food to community food banks in need.

Around the world, teams are given just 6 hours to defy expectations, logic, and gravity as they build fantastic sculptures from thousands of cans of food. The super-sized masterpieces are judged in a variety of categories as these unconventional art exhibits are opened to the public. The cost of admission—just one can of food.

On Wednesday, November 13th, the HBA team constructed the master piece titled – DOHn’t PLAY with your food. The sculpture became a 6 foot tall tub of Play-Doh and 3.5 Foot tall Dinosaur using 2500 cans. This year’s theme of Play-Doh conjures memories of a carefree childhood, with hours spent at a table crafting masterpieces out of modeling clay. This time, however, HBA’s masterpiece was crafted out of cans to help create and continue carefree childhoods. In this structure, we celebrate playing with our food, and celebrate helping end the fight against hunger.

We would like to thank this year’s participants:

  • Dustin A. Schulze
  • Tee Ellis
  • Kelly Goldman
  • Johnathan Goldman
  • Lauren Bogaard
  • Sebastian Ramos
  • Corinne Bates
  • Mike Winner
  • David Smith
  • Becky Boller
  • Paul Boller
  • Grace Cope
  • Bobby Sharon
  • Joe Terranova

We would also like to thank all of this year’s sponsors:

  • Campostella Builders & Supply
  • Hourigan Construction
  • Jubilee Christian Academy
  • Food Service Consultants Studio
  • Mosaic Tile
  • Patcraft Commercial Carpet
  • R.D. Lambert & Son, Inc.
  • Sussex Development
  • WPL
  • Jennifer Reeves
  • Dave Widen
  • Clancy & Theys Construction Company
  • The Royal Chocolate
  • Kroger (Hilltop Location)
  • Beach Ford
  • BDS (Business Document Solutions)
  • GET Solutions, Inc.
  • Outlaw’s Rod & Customs
  • PACE Collaborative
  • Southeastern Virginia Mustang Club
  • Craig’s Custom Mustang Brackets