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Taste of Town Center 5k

HBA once again participated in the annual Taste of Town Center 5k on Saturday November 2nd.

Going into the event we all felt cautious about our running abilities (none of us had been training), which in turn lead to our team name HBA TEAM – SCRAMBLED LEGS.

We raced around Town Center early Saturday morning and finished the race with impressive times (see below!). We all then began indulging in the benefits of participating in this particular 5K – FREE SAMPLES from all the local restaurants; hence the name Taste of Town Center. This year’s run was in honor of Don Clark, aka “the Protector of the Sand”. His wife led the pre-race cheers. You can learn more about Don here:

In addition, proceeds from the event went to the local Kiwanis charities such as American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, CHKD and Seton Youth Shelters.


  1. Sebastian Ramos              31:17 *missing from the photo- we think he was doing a warm-up run (or just hanging out with the doughnuts!)
  2. Joe Bovee                           34:00
  3. Becky Boller                       35:59
  4. Paul Boller                          35:59
  5. Mandy Wilmoth               37:41
  6. CJ Lebeau                           37:41
  7. Lauren Bogaard                37:42
  8. Dustin Schulze                   43:27


More info on the race can be found here:

Stay tuned for HBA’s TEAM SCRAMBLED LEGS next race!

Dustin thumbnailDustin Schulze