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Calling all worms!

Bookworms, that is.. In case you did not know, September is Library Card Sign-up Month according to the American Library Association. With everyone going back to school this month, it is the perfect time to get a library card at your local library to keep your brain up to snuff! Whether you are headed back to elementary school, college or are already done with school, the library is the perfect place to find books to study, or books just for fun.

For me, this fall is the first time since pre-school that I am not headed back to school. It’s a weird feeling! But, even though I am done with school, that does not mean I am done with books. As of last Friday, I am a proud owner of a Virginia Beach Public Library Card!

Library Card Success

All I needed was a picture ID, proof of Virginia Beach residency, and in less than five minutes I was all signed up and on my way to pick out my next read!


As a child, one of my favorite memories was the day my mom came home with a canvas bag for my sister and me to decorate and then fill with all of our favorite books at our local library. That memory has stuck with me and continues to be one of my favorite things to do even today! But, the books that I am putting in my bag have changed, and the way that I am carrying them has changed too. These days, most of my books are loaded onto my e-reader, so all I have to do is throw it in my bag for the beach, for a long car trip, or for a rainy Saturday afternoon and I have all my books at my fingertips. So naturally, I was more than a little bit excited to learn that with my new library card, I can also check out e-books! Not only do the Virginia Beach Public Libraries offer print books and e-books, you can also download music and magazines.

HBA is a proud supporter of continuous learning and self-improvement. These principles, as well as our own love for learning, have inspired us in designing several libraries in the Hampton Roads area. At the September EDAC (Economic Development Advisory Committee) meeting, HBA’s South Norfolk Memorial Library Principal Architect, Mike Winner, spoke regarding the nuances of designing this space for the City of Chesapeake. He provided insight into various design elements and discussed efforts to capture the appeal the City sought in this project. Following Mike’s commentary, Jessica Hartley, Library Manager, discussed the new library’s services, features and statistical information.  If you’re interested in the insider’s perspective on the new library’s features, check out her presentation here….

If you are not a Virginia Beach resident, or would like to expand your library card collection, be sure to stop by the South Norfolk Branch of the City of Chesapeake Public Library and the Churchland Branch of the City of Portsmouth Public Library. HBA’s designs for these libraries make them perfect places to relax with a good book; incorporating natural light and inviting décor to create an oasis within each city.

So this weekend, whether you are headed to the beach to catch the few last glimpses of summer, stuck on a long road trip, or laying low on the couch at home make sure to make a visit to your local library first! Happy reading!