August 26, 2013 AdminHBA 40th Anniversary, Design

HBA: Preparing for the Future

HBA is preparing to celebrate our 40-year anniversary in the next few months — no small feat for an Architecture firm these days. But along with 40 years and a prolific portfolio of work comes a lot of paper and supplies. Along with our celebration, we will be undergoing a fairly extensive office renovation… which means it’s time to clean.

We understand the impact facilities (and the unused items inside them) can have on the environment, and strive to implement sustainable design strategies and methodologies wherever possible. While the heart of any “green” building project (whether new construction or a renovation) is to minimize the impact on the natural environment, green buildings also offer clients and end users healthy, productive work and living spaces that may potentially cost less to operate and maintain.

From outdated technology to unused samples, we’ve ended up with quite a bit of miscellaneous supplies that we no longer need or use. Over the next few months, we’ll show you what we do with the supplies– instead of just tossing them in the dumpster. We try to live what we preach, which is creating an environmentally-sound, healthy space in which to work.

A few updates to note:

– HBA has an entirely new phone system. While there may be a learning curve of how to fully utilize the phones, they will hopefully help us to better service our clients.


The old ones were donated to a local community college.

Phones on Cart

– If you come in for a visit or a meeting, you may see serious evidence of change: we’re shuffling around the office while work is being completed in phases… again, with no disruptions to our clients. The major renovations will occur over the weekends, allowing our staff to focus on our work. The old cubicles will be completely reused and reconfigured in the new setup-

Cubicle Removal   Tim_working

As stated before, we hope the new office space is one that showcases our talents, increases our productivity, and ultimately, allows us to service you, Our Clients, better.