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HBA’s “Minions”


February 2nd, 2013 marked the 8th year of HBA’s participation in the ever-thrilling Polar Plunge Winter Festival down at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Though enthusiasm has never lacked amongst the HBA faithful through the years, recent outings have produced some extremely memorable themed group costumes and fun/ chilly stories.

This year the Jaundiced team of HBA employees, families and guests stormed the frigid beaches with adrenaline pumping, decorated head to toe as a herd of minions led by their Mastermind criminal leader “Gru” (from the beloved movie “Despicable Me”). Virginia Beach locals still carry reasonable doubt as to whether the minions present on the beach that day were actually imposters, or if Gru was using the notorious charity event as a cover to steal one of Virginia Beach’s iconic beachfront landmarks. [The city of Virginia Beach is still in the process of inspecting all potential public assets and has not yet confirmed that all known landmarks have indeed been accounted for since the event.]

HBA minions

With the experience now in hand, we recall how much fun the event truly was and we desire to deeply thank all who volunteered their precious time and resources in order to make it all possible. Whether designing/ creating costumes, cooking, organizing and bringing food and beverages, administrative tasks such as registering the team, registering each member and coordinating with the event officials, etc… We appreciate you all so much and thank you for your efforts in making the event great!

Most of all we thank everyone who donated any amount of money to help us raise a generous donation to the Special Olympics Virginia Chapter! It was the true purpose of our participation that day and we are ecstatic to report that with everyone’s help, HBA’s plunge team was able to accumulate $5,550.00 to present to the Special Olympics’ awesome cause!!! None of this would have ever been possible without every sponsor and donation, so thank you! The “HBA Minions” applaud your help and participation as we celebrate the memory of how serving others was such a fun and rewarding way to spend a Saturday afternoon diving into icy-cold Atlantic waters.

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