March 05, 2013 AdminHBA Wisdom (Lessons Learned)

Leadership According to Courtney Lynch

I recently attended a Professional Woman’s Leadership Lunch Series, and took away some value insights about leadership, let me share…

  • Being a member of management does not make you a leader.
  • Influencing outcomes and inspiring others-now there’s a leader.
  • Demonstrate credible performance consistently.
  • Understand priority standards of the organization you are part of.
  • Do you follow through on simple commitments?
  • Empower and support big thinkers, don’t dismiss their perspectives. Listen, don’t just hear.
  • Allow brainstorming in the true sense – no idea is a bad idea.
  • Employ a narrow “say/do” gap.
  • How clearly and consistently do you express intent? Can we clearly talk about what success looks like?
  • Don’t hide expectations, be clear, help people understand, be part of the solution not part of the problem.
  • Can you gracefully and with dignity talk about what is not working?
  • Leadership is an under-taught skill. We are not born a leader.
  • What is your knee-jerk reaction when you discover a problem? Instinct is to place blame. Seek to take responsibility before placing blame.
  • Essence of leadership – where is your heart?
  • Best leaders work to serve and understand and are dedicated to service. Help others achieve progress.

This presentation was presented with humor and hard hitting truths – Courtney Lynch is a woman worth following – she is a thinker who redesigns the confines of her box and whose big bold ideas are worth taking to heart!

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