September 10, 2012 AdminHBA Design

Straight from Studio, Part I of III

This summer, we were fortunate enough to have two very talented college interns join the HBA Team.  Alec Yukbabenko is currently a 3rd-year student in Virginia Tech’s Architecture program, and shared some of his amazing work from his 2nd-year with us.  Read Alec’s description of his project below and check out his impressive drawings and models!

“The site is an alleyway leading from a parking lot to Main Street. The program is a Cafe/Coffee Shop. This space serves as a transition from a quiet area to the busy road. The attempt is to enhance one’s experience through this buffer zone. The openness of the alley is preserved by the fact that there are no doors that close off the alley, keeping a constant flow at any time of day. The roof opens up and cuts all the way down to the ground floor bringing in daylight, highlighting the missing space between the two buidlings, and framing the sky above. The reflective metal-cladded wall brings light in from the side and into the Cafe area. The users are able to interact with the wall panels and position them to their preference. The metal wall is opposed by the wooden structure of the Cafe. The ground floor is in constant motion with foor traffic, while the upper level is for people who want to relax or work. This mirrors the contrast from the back of the alley to the road. There is an overhang on the upper level for customers to be able to overlook Main Street. The space has a series of partitions that separate spaces, but nothing is fully enclosed.”

-Alec Yuzhbabenko



Great work, Alec!

  Becky Cook