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Summer Mentorship Series: Alek DeMott

Alek with his mentor, HBA Vice President and Principal Mike Ross

In our continuing effort to support our community while promoting the architectural profession, we volunteered to mentor a high school student for his Ocean Lakes High School Senior Mentorship Project. Alek DeMott began his 100-hours with us on June 18th and his last day is today.

The following is a brief description by Alek of his experience at HBA and his introduction to the “real world” or architecture:

I spent a little over 2 weeks at HBA doing my mentorship for Ocean Lakes High School.   A requirement for my mentorship was that I complete three case studies.  For one of these I decided to create ink drawings in my sketchbook, which are portrayed here.  With these renderings I wished to compare and contrast the architecture of the west and east.  I primarily worked off images of European buildings, most of which Mike Ross provided for me, and structures found in China.  To achieve a visual comparison, I sketched the same type of structure twice, with one being from the west, and the other from the east. There is a column-column, bridge-bridge, and roof-roof comparison.   The first ballpoint pen drawings do not follow this rule… I guess I was just warming up.  I tried to focus on more detailed views so that the differences (or likenesses) were more apparent, although a greater perspective was sometimes the better choice.  

-Alek De Mott

West-East Columns

West-East Bridges

West-East Roofs

Alek’s case study sketches are truly amazing! Best wishes for a successful senior year at Ocean Lakes, Alek!

   Becky Cook