February 06, 2012 AdminHBA People, Wisdom (Lessons Learned)

Networking Success

You just never know when and how networking will pay off!  I am relatively new to networking. My networking started as Public Relations Chair for the Southeastern Virginia Mustang Club, mainly seeking donations and sponsorships for charity car shows. Shortly after I took this position, the talk of networking started at HBA Architecture & Interior Design with words of wisdom from HBA Founder, Bill Hargrove, and Director of Business Development and marketing, Candi James. One never knows how contacts with people from all walks of life will be helpful, maybe not today but eventually.

I was presented with a challenge recently as Stand Up For Kids (SUFK) Director of Community Resource Development. SUFK recently lost their donated storage area where we kept donated items that help homeless kids living on the street. We were using an unfinished apartment to store items and the landlord decided it was time to finish the unit for leasing. We were given a flexible 30-day notice to vacate.

SUFK started putting out the word to everyone we know for assistance. Several days passed and I mentioned our search to a coworker. She suggested mentioning the need to Candi. “Why didn’t I think of this before?” I asked myself.

I mentioned to Candi the need. She contacted people she knew who contacted people they knew. Several days later I received a call from Lynn Sykes and Happy Boxes. Happy Boxes offered to donate storage units to fit our needs near the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

This is not the first time this networking thing has paid off. It is happening more frequently with each new contact I make. I am a believer and a lifelong networker. You can be too. I look forward to hearing your networking story!

-Bobby Sharon

Learn more about Stand Up for Kids by visiting their website!