August 27, 2010 AdminHBA Front Page

Kellam High School Replacement :: A New Model for Learning

Imagine a high school where students are having fun learning! 

…Imagine a high school where students are engaged in their own learning experience and are motivated to become life-long learners!

Imagine a high school where students are applying creative and critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems and create real-world projects that encompass a fully integrated curriculum!

…Imagine a high school where students are interacting with community organizations and local businesses to facilitate real-life context in their learning!

Imagine a high school where students are graded not on what they can memorize, but on what they have learned and how they can apply their learning!

This is the kind of high school that Virginia Beach City Public Schools and the staff of Kellam High School are imagining with the assistance of HBA Architecture’s Community Studio Leader, C. Michael Ross, AIA, REFP. The new 2,000 student Kellam High School will be the pilot facility for the new problem/project-based learning curriculum COMPASS to 2015 recently adopted by the School Board.

So what does this type of new high school look like?

Stay tuned as we take you on our journey of exploration and creative problem solving, as we turn imagination into reality.