May 18, 2010 AdminHBA Design

SoNo Library Kick-off meeting

The City of Chesapeake’s new South Norfolk Library was officially started with a meeting between HBA; the Library Director, Betsy Fowler;  the Program Manager, Jeff Brooks of MBP and Ben White, Economic Development’s Senior Business Development Manager. Thru the use of HBA’s Project Website (information ranging from Project Schedule and Documents to Historic Planning Districts are at a fingertip’s reach thru this effective communication interface), the framework of the new Library’s design was initiated. The original charette concepts were reviewed with staff and the following common themes identified: Larger Scale Building Fronting Along Poindexter, Linking or Connecting to Johnson Park, Community “Lantern” or “Beacon,” Engaging exterior spaces, Emphasis on Corner at Decatur and Poindexter, Retail/Commercial Flavor along Poindexter.


The Community “Beacon” concept, among others, was identified as a favorite, with traditionally themed retail storefronts and strong corner elements anchoring the building, providing a presence on the street, while atrium space and covered patios visually and physically link the Library to the park.

Check back for more on this project as development continues. – Mike Winner