April 29, 2010 AdminHBA Front Page

Hello Social Media

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce HBA to the world of social media. Or perhaps more importantly: I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the world of social media to HBA. 

My name is Joe Bovee; I am a principal at HBA Architecture and Interior Design, and we are excited to be out here, sharing and learning from the virtual world the web is evolving into. In a word, collaborating.

Architecture is often about collaboration.   Listening.   Learning.   Sharing.

As architects, we “practice” our profession and not just perform it.  Indeed we may spend our entire careers perfecting it as artists perfect their crafts. We are passionate about design. All-nighters in college and as interns teach us to work long and hard to achieve our successes.

So here we are.

Learning is life-long.  We should always be looking at and studying the world around us.  How can we make this world better? How do we improve what others see and how they live?   We are visionaries and should remind ourselves of that often. And share it. 


We should be constantly searching for innovative, smart, and even unique solutions.

Our venture into this media isn’t without planning and research; it isn’t a whim.  Our hopes, goals, and plans are to demonstrate the ideas and principles listed above: listening, learning, sharing, leading.

I hope you find something in what we have to offer, and are compelled to share as well. We want to hear from you. We want to learn from you. After all, it takes more than one voice to truly collaborate.

You can find me at JoeB@HBAonline.com