Pembroke Meadows Elementary School

Pembroke Meadows Elementary School is an expansion and renovation of a 55,239 square foot elementary school into a modernized facility capable of supporting a modern primary school educational program.

HBA designers were playful and practical in their attempt to bring a little of the “Beach” attitude to Pembroke Meadows. The hallways leading to the media center core undulate and tiled in ocean blues bring home the feeling of ocean waves. Furthering the light and fun Beach attitude, HBA introduced blonde wood paneling into the lobby reception.

The media center commands attention with its sleek modern glass and brick tower that adds daylighting so important to reading areas. The entry is a painted mural of ocean scenes and tropical fish that invites and delights students.

In addition to modernizing the exteriors, four general classrooms, classroom extensions to Kindergarten and 1st grade, a Cafetorium with stage, kitchen, clinic, teacher’s lounge, and public restrooms were added.

As a significant cost savings to the client, HBA phased the new construction and renovation work to minimize disruption to ongoing school activities without increasing the number of portable classrooms on site.

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