P-191 HQ – MCAS Cherry Point

This new, 2-story command headquarters replaces existing Building 198, destroyed by fire in 2007. It will house both the Second Marine Air Wing and Cherry Point Base Command functions. It includes two separate command suites, a 3,200 SF conference center and staff spaces for a total of 525 staff; an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), secure Wing Operations Center and SCIF, on raised access flooring. The facility’s exterior design compliments the traditional Marine Corps forms of Cherry Point’s surrounding base architecture. This building contains state-of-the-art telecommunication systems in order to support extensive secure and non-secure data and voice networks.

The new headquarters is sited to maintain required Anti-Terrorism/ Force Protection standoffs, while preserving nearby natural streams and the existing parade deck along C Street. The site design takes advantage of an existing driveway for use as a access-controlled ceremonial entrance by incorporating protective, operable vehicle barriers. This project includes demolition of two buildings and partial demolition of a third.