Kaufman & Canoles

Interior Design

Kaufman and Canoles’ Williamsburg law practice outgrew their offices and was poised to move to a significantly larger space. The challenge wasn’t the space planning, or the build-out, or the move – it was harmonizing the Managing Partner’s sense of traditional style with the contemporary architecture of his new address.

The building was glass and metal and light woods; a direct contrast to the traditional of dark woods and heavy finishes and furnishings. The HBA Design Team put their first efforts into the Reception/Lobby area integrating both light and dark woods in the wall paneling pulling the finishes together in a cohesive style.

New furnishings for the key public areas chosen by HBA are in a more transitional style and color giving visitors and clients a solid feeling of the Law Firm’s stability and longevity. Conference rooms were situated behind reception, this offers essential privacy and minimal public traffic through the lawyers’ offices and workstations. Interior walls are translucent glass walls that filter sunlight through the spaces while ensuring privacy. Locating a conference room table that supported technology and video-conferencing with out a high-tech look was a challenge. HBA Design Team supplemented a traditional dark wood table with built-in cabinetry camouflaging electronics.