Jamestown High School

Williamsburg is home to impeccably preserved Colonial Williamsburg and in homage to this historic site the City and its Schools endeavor to reflect the colonial style of its architecture. The two-story academic block is arranged around a Courtyard with the Media Center at its core. Forming a soaring plinth over the first floor are the specialized teaching spaces, including Sciences, Technology and Home Economics.

Jamestown High School is organized into three blocks: academic, arts, and athletics. The disposition of these gave HBA a design challenge: complex entrance sequences. Now, buses drop off students directly in front of the academic block and visitors enter the building at the commons, while students and faculty driving to school enter through the south facing garden terrace between the athletic and arts blocks, which takes them alongside the cafeteria and into the commons.

Awards Won

1998 Outstanding New School Design (Grades 6-12) Award
Virginia Department of Education