HBA Office Remodel

Interior Design

HBA began the process of re-modeling our office in 2013. The entire firm came together and shared their ideas, inspirations and dreams for the new office. Input ranged from color schemes to filing solutions.

In our design process, our first step is to speak to our clients. To listen, really listen, to what it is that they need, and what their ideas are for their space. In this situation, we were our own clients. The staff workshops and brainstorming sessions allowed the entire firm to feel part of the conversation about the remodel, and for us as a group to come up with the best solution for our new work space.

Our new space features a red, grey and white color scheme to keep the office neutral and light, but to allow fun pops of red at key points in the office. Collaboration was the key focus in designing our space. At the individual workstations, we have created collaboration spaces for one on one quick chats, while the corners of the office have breakout spaces for small groups to discuss. At the center of our office, is our large collaboration space where you will often see teams pinning up designs, or hosting charettes for the next project or conference. In another part of the office, our entire firm can meet together in the HBA Learning Center, where the movable furniture allows us to re-configure the space to hold firm-wide meetings or small meetings with clients quickly and easily.

Through the renovation, one of the other goals for the new space was to celebrate the architectural process at each of its stages. So often, we see projects displayed after their completion, through beautiful renderings and professional photographs – but you never see how they got to that point. What happened first? What drove the design, and how did it progress?

When you walk in to our office, you’ll see monitors where our completed projects are celebrated, but you’ll also see a series of boards that feature work that is currently happening in the office. Here, hand sketches, material samples and quick notes of inspiration are showcased so that all of our clients and visitors can see the “magic” behind our creative process.

In our collaboration areas, the walls are covered in white boards to allow the staff’s creative process to explode onto the walls. As designers, we need space to scribble, sketch and create diagrams. This just can’t be achieved at a desk. How can we create innovative designs while sitting and working in the same environment that defines a corporate office. Designers need a messy, loud work area where creativity can flow uninhibited.



Awards Won

2014 Interior Design Excellence Awards for Corporate - Under 35,000 SF
IIDA Virginia/West Virginia Chapter and ASID Virginia