Ft. Bragg Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility


This project is composed of two main types of functional areas: Repair Bay (consisting of repair areas and maintenance areas) and the Core Area (complete with equipment and parts storage and administrative offices).  The high bay includes a 10 ton overhead bridge crane along with ancillary storage structures consisting of an Organizational Storage Facility, POL Storage Facility, Hazardous Materials Storage Facility, Distribution Company Storage Facility, UAV Maintenance and Storage Facility, a Crypto Facility, and an Access Control Facility.  The site will accommodate 554 organizational vehicles and will have POL Vehicle parking.  This project will also include the demolition of 9 buildings totaling 23,561 square feet.  The design for 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade (BfSB) Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) Fort Bragg, NC incorporated durable – but low cost – interior and exterior materials and building systems into the project design.  The durable materials are in colors consistent with Fort Bragg standards, and exterior colors are compatible with the adjacent structures within the Old Post Historic District.  Square footage of facilities to be constructed:

  • 35,091 SF TEMF Facility
  • 8,000 SF Distribution Co. Storage Facility
  • 6,708 SF Organizational Storage Facility
  • 1,800 SF UAV Maintenance Facility
  • 1,196 SF POL Storage Facility
  • 4,200 SF Crypto Facility (SCIF Building)
  • 1,196 SF Hazardous Storage Facility

HBA Architecture & Interior Design is teamed with Balfour Beatty Corporation, LLC under this Design-Build Contract.