Blackhawk! Corporate HQs

Interior Design

This 65,000 square foot 3.5 story Corporate Headquarters facility reflects the quality, innovation and ruggedness of the products the company creates and sells: protective and assault gear.

With this mind set, we incorporated significant iconic and symbolic devices into the design to emblematically communicate the vision of the Company. The curved roof and its supporting struts recall the curvature of a parasail, while the structural struts mirror the shrouds. The buttresses are intended to emphasize the force of the brand, by engendering the feeling of a fortress, symbolic of the strength of the Blackhawk’s product line.

The entrance vestibule is sheathed in real copper and the Lobby flooring is composed of slabs of ‘Blue Pearl’ granite. The walls inside the buttresses slope inward at the exact angle of the stone exterior. The Lobby walls converge and slope to produce an amazing perspective giving visitors an impression that the reception area is at a greater distance away. Bisecting the Lobby is a shimmering glass bridge with a glass floor that appears to be floating in mid-air. Reinforcing that is the building’s balcony with its sweeping vista over the airport runways and wide, green expanse of a golf course.

Every aspect of the interior space is impressive; a ‘Bistro’ that boasts a ceiling full of naturalistic clouds and a 4th floor Mezzanine with its soaring, massively arched metallic ceiling.

Awards Won

2007 Award of Merit – Best Office Building 10,000 – 75,000 SF
HRACRE Excellence in Development Design Award