We Listen

We’ve learned that listening…really listening, leads to success. We listen to not only to our clients, but to the full spectrum of individuals that will be impacted by our projects. It is a simple strategy that works.

We Care

We share this planet. HBA understands and embraces our responsibility to protect and nurture our vital natural resources. We make design choices for the environment and economic benefits of conservation.

We Stand the Test of Time

The only constant is change…missions change, technology evolves, staff transition. While we cannot forecast the future, we do build flexibility into our design and accommodate for change, so that your facilities can grow with you. In addition, the materials we select to build your project will be both durable and easily maintained. We monitor our designs to ensure quality construction, and finally, we evaluate your facility and our performance a year after occupancy to measure your satisfaction.

HBA Names Two New Associate PrincipalsNew Associate Principals