Broader in scope than basic architectural services, Facilities Planning is one of HBA’s many strengths. It begins with a pre-design/site analysis and continues through post-construction. For each client, our involvement differs, and HBA selects and tailors our services to meet your needs – project planning, budgeting and cost estimating, scheduling, and alternative delivery methods. Your HBA team is experienced and flexible and can easily solve any issue that arises.

Perhaps a crystal ball would come in handy when planning for your future. But just in case you don’t have one on your shelf; let HBA make the process of predicting the future a little more reliable.

HBA offers a wide array of study services to assist you in planning for an uncertain future. Our services include facilities assessments, space utilization analyses, lease plans and documentation, and ADA assessments to enhance your operation. Additionally, HBA provides strategic and long-range planning services to predict the impact of growth and development to determine ways to optimize your facility usage, and whether expansion or contraction of the facilities may be required in the future.

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