HBA’s approach to architecture is simple: we listen to you, we design for you, we advocate for you and we deliver to you.

We listen to you: The Schematic Design Phase begins with a heart-to-heart discussion. We’ll listen, really listen, to your mission, your vision, your goals. Then we’ll ask questions. What’s your budget? What’s your schedule? What will it take to make your dream a reality?

We design for you: With your interests at heart, we will interpret your dream in the Design Development Phase. HBA will create conceptual drawings that visually capture your dream.

We advocate for you: We refine your design into Construction Documents – the blueprint of your dream. HBA will help pave the way by defining your contract between you and your contractor.

We deliver to you: HBA will be your eyes and ears on the construction site to assure you that your design intent is realized. Finally, we test drive your building – checking out the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems so on the day we hand you the keys your dream is ready to perform.

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