The Design-Build process has been around as long as people have been constructing buildings. In recent years the “master builder” concept of construction has enjoyed a renewed popularity that is long overdue. The benefits of this renaissance are many, but simply put, design build offers a seamless, efficient, cost and time effective way to get projects built. It lends a large degree of control to a process that all too often has a tendency to vary off course. It reduces your risk and increases the quality of the end product.

HBA teams with construction professionals, working in total concert with the client and our design and engineering professionals, to create a powerful design-build team. The construction experts are involved in the project from its very inception and are there to offer constructability reviews, value engineering, scheduling, and cost estimating expertise every step of the way. We provide valuable input to the design team and make sure that the client is given the information needed to make decisions throughout the project.

HBA also helps to efficiently navigate through the seemingly endless maze of red tape associated with the municipal approvals process. We are experts at gaining favorable, timely approvals on zoning and use changes and in expediting the site and building plan review processes. We know that time is money and we’re masters at reducing the amount of time between your decision to build, and the actual start of construction.

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