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Bill Hargrove (Chairman of the Board Emeritus)

Chairman of the Board Emeritus


Bill Hargrove (Chairman of the Board Emeritus)

“Our employees are the most valuable resource we have as a firm.“

Mr. Hargrove is a founding principal of HBA, and is a native of Portsmouth. For over 45 years Mr. Hargrove has served the community in various capacities, including serving on many City boards and commissions. Bill is the Chairman Emeritus of HBA and it is his vision and creativity that has provided the foundation from which we have grown and prospered. He has been personally involved with the sustainability and growth of Hampton Roads socially and professionally throughout his life, and serves as the primary contact for numerous Municipal State and Federal projects.

Mr. Hargrove's advice to young professionals? Do not get discouraged, and concentrate on doing your best work.

A little known fact about Bill is that he and his wife lived on a boat for 12 years. He and his wife travelled the world by boat – color us jealous!