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Athena Shaffer

Architect in Training

Associate AIA, Bachelor of Architecture, Fairmont State University

Athena Shaffer

“My mom is a real estate agent for mansions and high rises. When I was a kid, she would take me to her showings, and while waiting for her I would explore the houses and find crazy features that I thought were so beautiful and interesting. Things like claw tubs, hidden doors, spiral staircases, massive master bedroom closets (like in the Princess Diaries!). When I turned 12, I knew I wanted to do architecture!“

Athena’s experience includes all aspects of project design, including concept design and design development, schematic design, and construction documentation. As part of our Community and Commercial Studios, she has worked on municipal and commercial projects.

If she's not in the office, she's probably at CrossFit or planning her next matching outfit with her toddler.

She also is an avid photographer and wedding planner!